Новейшая современная мебель для спальни Home Italia Современная кожаная итальянская роскошная кровать

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Новейшая современная мебель для спальни Home Italia Современная кожаная итальянская роскошная кровать

Сен 08, 2023

The aesthetic issues in design art can be simply explained as the issues of artistic perception and aesthetics. When an object is designed and presented in front of us, we can intuitively feel its beauty and temperature, which is the most direct.

Ginotti's bedroom design retains a touch of love and warmth, allowing people to touch every piece of furniture with an infinite sense of home.

This time, we brought a piece of furniture with a gentle and creamy color scheme, which is a pure and authentic beauty that allows you to experience the fresh and natural charm. It doesn't need decoration, it doesn't need too much decoration, it just makes people feel its power.

It will emit a warm and harmonious atmosphere throughout the living space, allowing the body and mind to relax and rest. Whether enjoying peaceful times alone or spending good times with family and friends, this creamy and gentle Italian minimalist furniture exudes a luxurious yet exquisite taste in every detail.


Whether it's for a beautiful night's rest, or for comfortable reading and relaxation, AMA's bed will be your ideal choice. Every detail is carefully taken care of to ensure the quality and durability of the bed.

Whether you want to create a romantic bedroom atmosphere or pursue a simple and luxurious lifestyle, our bed will exceed your expectations. Make it a haven for you to rest and start every day with a dreamlike awakening.


The precipitation of details brings the owner an ultimate sensory experience.

The extravagance of Italian style is not simply a flashy material, but a representation of spatial scale and lifestyle, a texture of structure and rhythm, and a flowing image like a lyrical poem.

The low-key and comfortable design language brings comfort and relaxation to young people who are busy in the city. Fashionable and high-end in appearance, whether it's a celebrity's home or a daily home, there should be such a sofa to add a touch of atmosphere to your home.

Paired with white creamy cashmere fabric, the tentacles are as gentle as holding a white cloud, with a high skin affinity. Coupled with imported craft tripods, the sofa can be distinguished from a flat sofa, reducing a hint of laziness and adding a touch of reserve. More modern and convenient for cleaning.


Make every minute peaceful and relaxed, and in a moment of rest, your body and mind will be perfectly relaxed. This casual chair will become your favorite resting place in your home life, making it the perfect choice for you to pursue a quality of life.

Let the new white gentle Italian minimalist casual chair accompany you through every precious leisure moment, creating a picturesque living space.

The new leisure chair is not only a functional furniture, but also a decorative element. It can be perfectly matched with various styles of home decoration, whether it is modern minimalist, retro or Italian style, all of which can add unique charm to your living room.

The soft and skin friendly fabric creates a warm and gentle atmosphere, filling the living room with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Meanwhile, its minimalist design and curved design will add an elegant and modern touch to your living room.


Paired with a beautiful dining table, it is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing dining chair. The soft and friendly white style can quickly stimulate the dining atmosphere of the restaurant and prolong the intimacy between family members.

The style pursues a minimalist Italian style, with smooth and agile chair body lines, natural and advanced, showcasing the ultimate charm of minimalism.

The back of the chair is deeply studied in ergonomics, with a golden angle tilt, providing a comfortable and secure feeling like a mother's embrace. Sitting around with family, savoring delicious food while also savoring the warmth and love between each other. Here, time seems to slow down and every moment is worth cherishing.

The solid wood chair legs in white wax wood, gray oak color, are stable and durable, paired with a cotton and linen backrest and cushion, soft and skin friendly, luxurious and high-end, arranged and combined in sequence, instantly filling the restaurant's style.