Гибкая комбинация прочный секционный диван

Гибкая комбинация прочный секционный диван

Manufacturer:     Джинотти

Materials:     The sectional sofa can be maded of fabric and leather matching together.

Tags:          Plastice feet
Size:                367x160x64 cm

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The calm floor-standing design and the thick seat cushion, have the space-saving effect. The slim backrest present a strong impact.The steel frame is covered with high-density sponge, and the shape is three-dimensional and straight. Flexible side table built-in, storage and power supplyment are more convenient to use together.ABS hidden feet, modular and various combinations.Sectional Sofa
Not only can you choose the size and shape of your sofa, but you can also select the number of seats and the configuration of the modules. Create a sprawling L-shaped sofa for entertaining guests, or opt for a compact sofa with a chaise lounge for a more intimate setting.Built to last, our sofas are constructed with durable frames and high-density foam. They are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for you and your family.Experience the ultimate freedom of design with our customizable sofa collection. Tailor-made to fit your unique space and lifestyle, it's time to create a sofa that truly reflects your personal style and comfort preferences. Discover the joy of unlimited possibilities and transform your living area into a haven of style and relaxation.

Product parameters


367x160x64 см


Древесина и продукты из нее


Древесина и изделия из нее с натуральной кожей


Пластмассовые ножки

Подушка сиденья

Полиуретановая пена и пружины различной плотности

Предварительное покрытие

Шелк, хлопок и пух

Подушка спинки

Пенополиуретан разной плотности с натуральной кожей

Дополнительные подушки

Шелк, хлопок и пух с хлопковым холстом

Окончательная обложка

Съемный чехол из ткани с несъемной кожей

ODM или OEM Доступная услуга